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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

African Academy - Re-posted by Request

Following a request from a visitor, I am re-posting the photos and Video Trailer from the early Sting release African Academy staring Barry and Tim which was a Classic Special back in September 
(Scroll down to view the preview trailer)

Tough discipline in the far outposts of the former British Empire is legendary. Attending college was a serious business and the administration eagerly took its lead from the rule books of the public schools of Great Britain. Tried and tested methods of maintaining discipline were exported along side all the other traditional ideas of what a worthwhile education should be.

Ezekiel (Barry) and Zachariah (Tim) are normally two good students who follow the rules and knuckle down to work. However when they do step out of line a no nonsense approach is used to bring them back on track. Talking in assembly gets these senior lads a good hard spanking. 

Later a spell in detention leads to sterner measures and threat of the cane is

Later the naughty boys steal some of the master's tobacco, but it will soon be their bare bottoms that are smoking!!.  

 The stinging cane soon teaches them the error of their ways

Finally just two weeks on Zachariah finds himself in the gym holding his friend tightly over a vaulting horse whilst another stiff caning is laid on. 

Featuring all you'd expect to find in a colonial tower of learning, the crack of the cane and a firm hand spanking are always available to keep these cheeky young students in check!


preview trailer

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

There is a lot more to come!!

There is a lot more Sting coming your way soon!!

Things have been reasonably quite in the last few weeks, but fear not, this is just the lull before a very busy and exciting storm.  Sting have been working on a lot of new projects and finalising their new studio, but those bad boys had better start running as there is a lot of spanking coming their way very soon!!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Angry Dads - Uncle Takes Charge

When young Christopher (Ariel Varga) thought his Uncle was out for the day he crept in to his office to use his computer. It wasn’t Facebook he was after this time but some decent porn! Unfortunately for Christopher his uncle had returned far earlier than expected. Furious that the boy had betrayed his trust he sends him to his room to return in his night shirt. Perhaps a good spanking will make him remember to show some respect next time.

Taken over his Uncles knee Christopher’s firm little bare bottom is sorely slapped to a deep shade of red. 

 His nightshirt high over his back the flat of his Uncles palm is scorching!

 This is just a warm up though the carpet beater is next!

The woven rattan is almost like a dozen canes fashioned into a painful instrument of punishment.  The swish and crack across Christopher’s already well spanked backside echoes round the room leaving his bare buttocks even rawer than during the spanking. 

 However to end this session his Uncle reaches for that mainstay of equestrian training, the riding whip.

How bending over with the black leather riding crop whipping in to his burning backside, Christopher is weighing up his actions. Perhaps better to borrow a laptop to look at porn in the privacy of his bedroom in future!


View the preview trailer Online

Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen - See illustration below)





Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sports Report 4 - Doing the Rounds (Part 2)

The second  set of pictures from Sports Report 4 - Doing the Rounds
Introducing two new Sting Lads

 Another boy, Rogers (New Sting Lad Joey Whyte) has also partaken of the demon drink and the Headmaster is becoming suspicious

He orders his assistant Mr Sharpe (Marco) to get to the bottom this new phenomenon.

Rogers refuses to tell the truth so a spanking is laid on. Although his bare bottom is a scorching red he's determined to say nothing.

 Mr Sharpe ups the odds by choosing to use his well used leather belt. 

Rogers is definitely feeling it but still refuses to speak but eventually its the threat of the time honoured stinging rattan cane that finally does the trick!

The games up and the perpetrator is brought to book. Mr Hardmann will be dealt with by the Headmaster exactly the same way as the coach had dealt with the boys.

The bare bottom spanking is bad enough for this senior but now he is finding the old brown leather strap far harder to bear. 

However its nothing to the caning that follows the strap leaving Mr Hardmann's red raw bare bottom striped, stinging and sore. His days as an off the cuff barman have suddenly come to a painful end!