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Friday, 30 January 2015

Colonial College 3 - Part 3 of 3

The third set of pictures from Sting's latest download "Colonial College 3"

Eugene DeVelt (Tom Nuttall) has turned his attention to art. Noticing some materials left over from building repair work he creatively paints a phallic symbol on a freshly painted white wall, this large unmarked canvas being too good to miss!

 His Housemaster Mr Volny (Johan Volny) also likes painting but unfortunately his favourite colour is red! Caught red handed too that was going to be the order of the day and DeVelt’s exposed bare bottom was now showing all the signs of that excellent shade.

The over the knee spanking was just the start, the builders had left the perfect instrument to continue the punishment, a piece of flat pine. This cruel wooden batten burns like fire as it cracks in to DeVelt already sore bare bottom.

It’s true remembers the boy, artists do suffer for their art but this is just ridiculous!!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Colonial College 3 - Part 2 of 3

The second set of pictures from Sting's latest download "Colonial College 3"

The Headmaster although happy with most of DeVilliers official performances is less that happy with one certain event. Young Erik had decided d to bring a local girl in to his dormitory for ‘a bit of fun’. This is strictly against the rules of course and as a very senior boy he must be seen to be punished severely for this rule breaking misdemeanour!

 He too now was to get a good hard over the knee spanking, something that would make him think again next time a thought like this came in to his head. 

A boy like DeVilliers might find a spanking over his rounded muscular exposed bare bottom painful and humiliating but the thick old leather strap favoured by the head is something else. Its searing bands of fire soon get the attention of the boy and he’s quickly regretting his foolish actions.




Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Coming Soon!

Colonial College 3 - Part 1 of 3

The first of three sets of HQ pictures from Sting's latest download  - scroll down to view the video preview for  Colonial College Three starring Joey Whyte, Daniel Fliesh, Tom Nuttall and Johan Volny  

The discipline at Branderburg college is very much based on that of the old British public school system, in many cases much tougher. Boys are sent to be educated and set up for life. The prefect hierarchy are encouraged to lead and set standards, it’s their responsibly to maintain a happy and healthy attitude in college. Sometimes however this just doesn’t work out.

The Headmaster is congratulating one of his seniors, Erik DeVilliers (Joey Whyte) in doing his job properly. He had dealt with a fourth former, Danny Miles (Daniel Friesh) the day before.

Miles had been caught smoking in the dormitory which was strictly forbidden. As it was a repeat of a repeat offense De Villiers decided to make sure the boy learned a real lesson this time. He takes Miles across his knee on the bunk and slaps his bare bottom a scolding red!

To follow this stinging wakeup call young Miles soon is kneeling on the bed, backside raised. He is now to feel the hot crack of a hard ping pong bat colliding painfully with his already well spanked bare backside!



View the preview trailer Online

Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Announcement - Back Up sites

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It may be that JockSpank and Feet The Sting will move to the new locations on a permanent basis, however, we are well established on Blogger, and, for the time being wish to maintain the new sites as mirror back ups running in conjunction with the main Blogger sites.

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However, we expect these problems to be resolved shortly.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nowhere 2 Run Reformatory Boy

Discipline in a reformatory is always strict. The boys are there to redirect their previous criminal life style, however some reform quicker than others depending, of course, on how they react to retraining. In some circumstances tougher measures need to be taken as was the case with inmate Jerry Estevez (Adam Ashton)
 As a well built more stubborn lad he had been summoned to the punishment room to be dealt with more firmly. The Warden had become tired of his constant bad reports and insolent behaviour and he hadn’t reacted properly either to all the warnings he had been given. Corporal punishment was now to be well laid on.

 First off he was to receive a long hard bare bottom spanking just like the junior boys got. Face down across the end of the punishment table Warder Swartz (Marco) stinging palm cracked down on to Estevez’s well rounded bottom, the burning effect just getting worse with each scolding slap! Unfortunately for the boy this humiliating spanking is just the warm up.

Now ordered to lay face down on the table his bare bottom well raised with a blanket beneath, the instrument of choice is the well-known US wooden handled leather strap.  

The thick leather tongues on these formidable punishment accessories are known to burn like hell fire. 

 The boy can only gasp and yelp as the warden and his assistant skelp the lad’s freshly spanked bare bottom with the heavy straps.

 These fiery licks should quickly imprint a message of ‘it’s time to start behaving son’ on young Estevez now raw and aching bare backside!

Adam Ashton


View the preview trailer Online

Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen - See illustration below)